Agnes on Independence

"We're from the Yes Campaign.."  Fine, Ah'm fae Govan.
Whit can Ah get ye? Tennents or a heavy?
Ah'd hoped mibbe ye'd come ti mend the oven.
Ye cannae hing in here wi'oot a bevvy.
"We'd like to put our posters.."  in the windae?
Fine, if ye wash them first. All gie ye a shammy
'n a pail o watter. See 'f ye get stuck intae
the joab it's hauf an oor, the same as Sammy.
Mind, Sammy nivver gets intae the coarners.
He's lazy like. These days, tae get a real
joab done, ye huv ti gie it tae the foreigners...
"Sorry to interrupt, but can't you feel
the Dawn of Independence drawing near?"
   See here son, Ah've been free this fifty year.