St Jean de Luz, Ravel & Peter Grimes

The photos from the St Jean de Luz holiday are not especially interesting, with far too many anonymous beach shots. But I'll let you judge that for yourself. Maybe some people like beach shots! Having said that, the set isn't entirely without merit. There's a nice shot of Mum sitting by the sea and even one of Peter Grimes. Odd that I don't remember him being there...
Among other things, St Jean de Luz was home to Maurice Ravel. I made a special trip to find his house, hoping there might be a museum or at least the French equivalent of the blue plaque. But there was nothing. From the guidebook, I was sure I had found the right house, so I asked someone if this had been Ravel's house. He said, Yes, but it's mine now and walked away. End of visit.
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