The Red Austin 1100

Some of the younger Bruzzins will never have seen Honor as she is in this slide - young, fashionable and dare I say, normal, before misfortunes beset her. She's wearing the famous charm bracelet of course, but who's driving the red Austin 1100? There seems to be somebody in the driver's seat, but the sun on the windscreen makes it hard to tell who it is.
The rest of this set seems to be a mix of Dinard and Switzerland holidays, which is strange, unless Dad left the film in the camera for a whole year (not impossible). And as well as the holiday shots, there are a couple from the back bedroom window, one showing the rabbit hutches and the other Mrs Gordon's garden, burnt to the ground. These were Dad's flamethrower days...
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Blankenberg, '62 - go-karts, bar billiards, bons

Blankenberg, looking back, was one of the best holidays and, for me at least, it seemed so at the time. Aged 9, I was old enough to be trusted on one of these go-kart trikes on the Esplanade and to make a fair hack of 'racing' it. And confident enough to go off on my own to the bank, to try to change eightpence into Belgian francs, enough for another game of bar billiards, which we didn't know how to play. The games were very short because we thought the idea was to knock over the mushrooms and pop the cue-ball straight down the holes. Anyway, my request was refused and I was sent back to the hotel for at least half a crown.
Unlike Ostende, which was nothing special to look at, Blankenberg, in some slides, looks completely Dutch. Maybe this is where I acquired my latent love of Amsterdam, where I've always felt completely at home.
Then there was the amusement arcade, where Derrick, Douglas and I spent all our pocket money on pin-ball, amassing sufficient 'bons' to trade in for a ghastly painted plaster of paris ornament which spent the next forty years relegated to the spare room mantlepiece. But it was worth it.
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St Jean de Luz, Ravel & Peter Grimes

The photos from the St Jean de Luz holiday are not especially interesting, with far too many anonymous beach shots. But I'll let you judge that for yourself. Maybe some people like beach shots! Having said that, the set isn't entirely without merit. There's a nice shot of Mum sitting by the sea and even one of Peter Grimes. Odd that I don't remember him being there...
Among other things, St Jean de Luz was home to Maurice Ravel. I made a special trip to find his house, hoping there might be a museum or at least the French equivalent of the blue plaque. But there was nothing. From the guidebook, I was sure I had found the right house, so I asked someone if this had been Ravel's house. He said, Yes, but it's mine now and walked away. End of visit.
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