The World's Funniest Joke

The young Cumnock Academy teacher* on the left has apparently just told the World's funniest joke. It must have been him, because Mum was never known to tell a joke in her life, except the one that goes: If you vant to buy a vatch, buy a vatch. If you don't vant to buy a vatch, take your dirty bubbly nose away from the vindow, which nobody ever laughed at, or the even worse: Mr Johnstone's at the door, ma'am. And it couldn't have been me, because I'm too busy practising the Jenkins Walk. This whole set is from the Cumnock school trip to Ostende, which was the first ever time abroad, for Douglas and me, and must have been either 1959 or 1960. It's not a bad set of slides, with some nice candid shots in the street market.
*In fact, not a teacher, but Florent, brother-in-law of Dr MacDonald
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