Polly and Donald

And here's the proof. Aunt Polly read the 'Woman's Own', not the 'Woman'. Uncle Donald seemed to find that OK, or maybe it was a special dispensation for holidays at Kilfinan.
I've been sorting out the old slides, with some difficulty. There would seem to be nine Kodachrome films, but only four boxes. The newest is January '64 - the date is printed on the frame - but the earlier eight films are undated.
Fortunately, Kodak made slight changes over the years in their way of numbering the slides. Sometimes black numbers, sometimes red; sometines seraphed type, sometimes sans. So I think I've managed to group them properly, give or take the odd error.
The first set of 20 slides is here. I think they must date from 1957, but maybe Douglas or Derrick will have a clearer view of that. I was just a wean, after all.
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