En famille au Touquet

This was the first French holiday, to Le Touquet, Paris Plage, in 1960*, I think, because I'm wearing a Grammar School black blazer. Douglas was allowed to keep his red Academy blazer because he was only moved to the Grammar for one year. The privilege of age! Yet I liked the Grammar primary. It was small enough to know all the teachers and nearly all the kids. But enough of that, we're on holiday. Derrick must be sixteen or seventeen by now, old enough not to wear a blazer, but not too old to wear Clark's sandals. Going through these old slides, it's amazing how often Clark's sandals feature. That was a good business to be in, to get your sandals on the compulsory summer wear list of all the schools, and to know that by the time next summer comes along, feet will have grown. As the youngest of three, there was always an outgrown pair just waiting for me. It was the age of the hand-me-downs.
The rest of this set has a few more Le Touquet pictures and one amazing picture from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. Amazing, because there are hardly any cars on l'etoile. Changed days. The set ends with The Great Gladioli Photoshoot, which I'm sure Douglas remembers well.
*1961, not 1960.
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