Agnes revises

See 'f ye go tae Kelvingrove Museum
'n try'n imagine whit thae guys wiz thinkin
aa thae years ago, ye almost see them,
thur sweaty oxters, ragged claes, an stinkin.

Gaunny tak a pew an hae a blether
wi thae auld codgers? Watch them drappin aff
knackered-like efter work in fulthy weather
an snorin like auld grumphies. Whit a laugh.

OK. Noo dig yer holes an build yer bridges
ower the sheuch. Rip doon whit's in yer wey
an dinna fash yersel aboot the midges
that bite yer erse aa through the warkin day.

But see 'f ye find a stash o hidden treasure,
jist bring it hame tae Agnes, at yer leisure.

(Original is Cadence, by Dave McClure)

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