Agnes on Yuppies

See guys in ties? They piss me aff.
Come in here at five o'clock
as if they own the baur.

Hing aboot in threes and fowers
Shout the odds across the baur
Goad's gift ivry wan.

Think because they've goat a joab,
drive thur fancy motor caurs,
sun shines oot thur erse.

Sammy therr's been in since two.
Still be here at closin time.
That lot's gone by six

Glesca's no the place it wis.
Fancy lagers. Huvny learnt
how tae use a gless.

See when Sammy had a joab
when the yairds wis buildin boats -
he'd huv chucked them oot.

Sammy needs anither pint.
Get it fer him, Maggie, hen.
Let the basturts wait.

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