Agnes on Students

Me read poetry? Gauny geeza brek pal?
Ah'm no wan o yer peely wally wasters
Ah've got work to dae, washin oot the tumblers
so's the likes o yous aye kin hae a fresh wan

Hear thon, Maggie hen? Student wi a survey
jist like whit's his name, Bamber aff the telly.
'sme'n you's peyin for them trachlin roon the toon tae
pester dacent folk gaun aboot thur business.

Glesca's stowed wi them, every wan a bampot
'cept fur doctors, like, maybe they're a bit mair
yiss than some o thae awffy-luikin weirdos,
ken, like Jessie's lass, her that dyed her heid blue.

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