Agnes on Martyrs

Hidin, me? Ah'll gie ye hidin
Ah've bin doon ra cellar humpin
bliddy barrels. Wherr wis you'n yer
fancy man that drives the loarry?

's aye the same oan Friday. Maggie
therr goes poancin aff fur denner
jist afore thae Tennents Lager
wankers bring their bliddy loarry.

Last week ye wis daein the bukes,
the wan afore ye're in the cludgie
next week ye'll be christ knows wherr
but muggins hus tae dae the loarry.

See when Ah'm a mullionerre
an you an Maggie's oan yer uppers
Ah'll be aff tae Bennydorm
sae bugger you an stuff the loarry!

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