Agnes on Edinburgh

Ah huvny been fur yonks, since Jessie threw
in Sam that wis a piper in the Argyles
an used tae get us intae the Tattoo
an that wis grand 'cept it wis bliddy miles
fae Waverley an up hill aa the wey.
They huvny goat the Undergound like us -
weel even London his, Ah mean tae say,
some capital if ye've goat tae go by bus.
An see the shoaps, thur stappit fu o tat
fur yanks an sassenachs tae waste thur cash
wi tartan this an tartan bliddy that -
Ah'd gie them bliddy tartan. Goaty dash
Ah'm late. Ach Embro's fine, but aa the same
it's mibbe no as dacent-like as hame.

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