Agnes on Democracy

C'moan, jist luk at them - thur baith as bad
as each ither. Wan's his faither in disguise
cept fur his auld man wisny near as glaikit.
The ither wan's as smarmy as get oot.
Ye'd think wi hauf a bullion bliddy yanks
ti choose between - ach, but it disny matter,
it's no as if they even dae a loat
thae presidents, no luk the queen. Ah mean,
at least she opens things and gets her mug
oan aa the stamps an that. Then when she's deid
her muckle sumph taks ower wi nae hoo-hah,
nae bits o paper danglin fae wan coarnur.
Me? Ah wiz fine wi Bill. Weel fur a stert
thon grin sends herry wurrums roon ma hert.

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