Agnes on Decorum

See if Ah wiz him Ah wudny staun fur thoan,
no if Ah wiz President. Ah mean tae say
it's jist no dacent like. If Ah wiz oan
the telly Ah'd sune tell them whit tae dae
wi aa thur questions. Aye Ah wud an aa
an stuff thur bliddy cameras up thur erse.
Ah'd jist say it wiz great an thur's hee-haw
youz lot can dae aboot it noo. Weel ferr's
ferr, it's no as if he wiz the poap
or Ian Paisley - thoan wud be a laugh,
speshly if it wiz wi the queen - some hope,
Chookie wud kill the perr o them. He's aff
his heid an aa. Here Maggie, whit's the odds
thae Yanks'll huv him coupit? Sully sods . . .

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