Agnes on Burns

Thur's wan aboot a moose, d'ye mind we done
it at the schule? Goad that's no yisterdy
cos thur wis this big lump - she made him read
it oot - his name wis Rabbie Burns tae.
Ah aye thocht thon wis rotten o his maw.
Ah mean tae say she cud o caad him Jim
or Wull or Shoo or ony bliddy thing.
But Rab? Ye canny dae thon tae a wean.
Like Jeannie Gow that caad her bairn Clunt
jist efter seein him at the picters like.
Fistfu o sweet FA atween her lugs.
Whit else? Wis Auld Lang Syne no wan o his?
An Scoatish sodger - naw, thon's Andy Stewart.
He's deid an aa. Ach weel, the best laid schemes . . .

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