Monkey Ballade

Chesterton was fond of flying
high in his imagination.
Never had a thought of dying.
Life a glorious celebration -
scintillating conversation,
song and story, wine and cheese -
yet he fell to Rome's persuasion.
Even monkeys fall from trees.

Pinochet was ever trying
to forgive his sinful nation,
in his saintliness supplying
all the seeds of adulation.
Till the morbid adoration
of the Maggie, if you please -
ill advised association.
Even monkeys fall from trees.

Ministerially applying
larded smarm to each oration
while imperiously denying
hints of recapitulation,
Tony's grim determination
starts to buckle at the knees -
Billy has a reputation.
Even monkeys fall from trees.

Masters of dissimulation,
cockadoodles, greater fleas,
the hazard of your occupation -
even monkeys fall from trees.

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