I long to be the first to see your face
one morning, every morning, to be free
to welcome dawn, and you, in one embrace.
I long to be
between your dreams and life's reality,
whispering words of calm as sunbeams chase
night from our wondering eyes. Together, we
delight in new-mown languages to trace
the curves of our awakening sympathy.
With you, at break of day - the only place
I long to be.

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HeartSong said...

Hi David,

I don't know if anyone is allowed to leave comments here. I came to look over your roundels because I'm preparing to write one. I like this one of yours very much. I like the way you have your poems organized. I wish I could find the time to undo my old web site and organize my poems in a blog type format. Just gotta do it, I reckon! Love A~