Index by Title

The poems indexed here (and in the index by first line) are ones I am fairly happy with. Published poems are marked (P). The 'poems, by form' links in the sidebar contain more material, including works in progress, trivia, experimental items and suchlike.

I have ordered the titles by the first non-trivial word but left leading articles in place. For example, a poem called "The Red Bull" would be named in full, but would appear under 'R', not 'T' (and certainly not under 'B'!)

An Active God
Blind Pew
The Commercial Tavern, E2
The Costermonger
Dave McClure
Denys of Burgundy
Dubrovnik Revisited
Earthworm Desiderata
Empty Roads
A Fair Trial
Garden Flower
Helga's Chickens (P)
Island Night
Istrian Oak
For Joseph Webb, Engineer
measure me (P)
Nettle Love
Nightfall in the Souq (P)
Paul Street, E23
Past Lives
The Pessimistic Ballade of Arbitrary Behaviour (P)
Posterity (P)
Sea Child
A Stone of No Importance (P)
Three Gallus Brithers

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