Index by First Line

The poems indexed here (and in the index by title) are ones I am fairly happy with. Published poems are marked (P). The 'poems, by form' links in the sidebar contain more material, including works in progress, trivia, experimental items and suchlike.

A man like you, that likes his bread
All I remember from earlier days
All my London sweats in a haze of diesel
And here we are again. Of course I set
and measure me where skies are blue (P)
and thank you for the tidal wave
And was there ever space
At 21, we had the script by heart
Conclusions should be firmly based on fact
Courage, friends, the devil is dead
Give me your hand and let me take you where
Go flaccidly amid the soil and waste
Helga's Chickens take the floor (P)
Here and there, flouting the uniformity
High on the wall, a leather cap, the kind
How pleasant to know Dave McClure
I shall return alone and let the tide
Kirstie spoke your final words
Let no-one hurt peaceloving folk
Nathaniel thought the way ahead (P)
Only the call of a costermonger
Some favour finest muslin, others silk
There is a formula for life, a bill
There is a stone of no importance: grey (P)
These are the empty roads with barren fields
Three gallus brithers hit the toon
To hell with David Hume, Immanuel Kant
Today, although
We could be happy now and, if you are (P)
When - as the shadows lengthen and the light (P)
You shamble through the garden

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