Ego and Muse 8

E: It's time to sort this out, once and for all.
M: Sounds ominous. You wouldn't rather wait
till after supper?
E: No. Get on the ball.
Rules. I want rules!
M: to break?
E: to formulate
the perfect sonnet.
M: Jings!
E: You've been around
two thousand years ..
M: far more! Forget the first
three quarters. No example has been found
before ..
E: Stick to the point!
M: If Damien Hirst
can slice a cow in two to wide applause ..
E: unmerited ..
M: perhaps. But if it shows
the artist loves ideas over laws?
E: So, give me some ideas? I suppose
you're full of them?
M: I can't believe I'm hearing
this question.
E: Well?
M: Best stick to Engineering.

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