Ego and Muse 7

M: You're looking glum ..
E: No wonder! Where were you
last night? Don't tell me - better things to do?
Off partying with others of your kind
without a thought ..
M: I thought you wouldn't mind ..
E: Not mind?? When I was planning to compose
a monumental ..
M: mass of turgid prose?
I read your opening lines and ..
E: That's enough!
M: My sentiments exactly.
E: You can stuff
your witticisms up your grecian ..
M: urn?
It's cracked and clicheed, but could serve a turn.
Now, since I'm here and willing to assist,
what is my lord's desire?
E: Too late! We've missed
Decisive Moments thanks to your infernal
inconstancy ..
M: but poetry's eternal,
born of a feeling, not of an event.
E: But Cartier Bres ..
M: a photographic gent
gifted, I grant, but in another sphere.
E: You miss my point entirely. This New Year
began a new millennium. A page
of history turned. The dawn of a new age.
Two thousand years - perhaps you didn't know?
M: I danced with gods three thousand years ago.
Last night there came a mist upon the hill,
gentle and soft, enough to damp the shrill
cacophony of fireworks in the town,
enough to hide the street lamps. Looking down
all was engulfed in grey, yet close at hand -
bright blossom on the gorse ..
E: I understand
your point. You're on a nature kick. OK.
But this is not just any other day.
To pin it down in words, that is my mission.
M: Churlish of Sun to rise, without permission.

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