Ego and Muse 6

M: I see you're having fun ..
E: What's that to you?
No time to mess around. There's work to do.
Real Work, none of your mincing villanelles.
An Epic of the kind that ..
M: never sells.
E: You've not seen mine ..
M: thank Zeus! Why waste your time?
E: You're wasting mine. I'll write without you. I'm
about to make my mark, you wait and see.
I'll very soon ..
M: come running back to me.
But carry on. I'll not be far away
and while you grind I'll find a game to play.
E: Peace, perfect peace, and now it just remains
to choose an angle and apply my brains.
Sad Mother Earth's Last Labour Has Begun.
Volcanoes Spew And Earthquakes ..
M: fun, fun, fun,
what subtlety, what grace ..
E: What's wrong with you?
M: I stand in wonder at "Volcanoes Spew"
E: Yes, I was rather proud of that as well.
M: True inspiration!
E: Thank you. I can tell
you're coming round to realise that I
have most unusual talent ..
M: That's no lie.
E: But since you think my imagery so good
perhaps I shall begin with it?
M: You should!
E: Volcanoes Spew With Enervating Quickness
Sad Mother Earth Exhibits ..
M: morning sickness?

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