Ego and Muse 5

M: Remember me? It seems so long ago
when last we wrote a verse. I hope you know
that practice ..
E: practice? ..
M: practice is the key.
E: Easy for you to say, but as for me
I have to earn a crust ..
M: through thick and thin?
E: A cliche!
M: like your crust ..
E: don't rub it in!
M: So talk to me ..
E: about?
M: the way it feels
to work your life away. I kick my heels
in idle dalliance without a thought
of what tomorrow brings, while you ..
E: I'm not
immortal. That's the difference. If I were
I'd gladly join you ..
M: Ah, so you'd prefer
the artist's life?
E: You bet!
M: A shame you lack
the dedication ..
E: Liar!
M: just a fact.

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