Ego and Muse 3

E: Perhaps you're right. Perhaps I shouldn't try
to change the world alone. I feel that my
great power may lie in deepest tragedy -
displaying dark despair. Now let me see,
an epic on the suffering of man ..
M: Pursuing a fated path since time began?
E: You're catching on ..
M: I'm latching on to you
to free you from your fetid point of view.
E: What's wrong?
M: Why tragedy? Who wants to weep
alone? Your lives are brief. A peaceful sleep
to close a laughing day is higher aim.
E: Then how shall I attain the peak of fame
the world reserves for tragedy alone?
M: If fame is all you seek - you're on your own.
E: (She's touchy about fame. I wonder why?)
This is the plan so far - to show how I
have suffered, tell the world of my despair
and agony ..
M: the world should even care
for your small pain? You're no-one in their eyes ..
E: Not yet, perhaps, but when they realise
the depth of my ..
M: duckpond? When will you end
this dull refrain? Better to please one friend
with kindly words, and raise a timely smile
than drown your blessed 'world' in seas of bile.
E: I thought you were supposed to work for me ..
M: For you my friend, or for your poetry?

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