Ego and Muse 2

E: I need your help.
M: At last, you've realised!
What will it be today? I am surprised
You've called me in so soon.
E: What's that to you?
I want to write a poem ..
M: It's what I do.
E: I need you to provide me with the rhyme
and count the feet to keep it all in time
and maybe check the rhythm now and then
M: (Is this my fate - a metric mother hen
for imbeciles?) What is my Lord's desire?
E: A noble work to set the world ..
M: on fire?
E: I haven't started yet!
M: It's hard to tell.
E: to set the world to rights and weave a spell
of peace and love, so war will be no more
and everyone..
M: It's all been said before
to no avail. Why do you think that you
can undertake what Milton couldn't do?
E: But I can read and learn from his mistake.
Let's get to work, Muse. Give yourself a shake!
Sleep'st Thou, Sad World, in Black Erroneous Bunk
quite inharmonious like ..
M: Thelonius Monk?

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