Ego and Muse 1

E: Come over here, I need you ..
M: very true -
some happy day you'll see how much you do,
but let it pass ..
E: Be quiet! Look at that ..
M: A sonnet ..
E: Yes, but what a piece of tat!
There's missing feet, ham rhyme ..
M: and yet, you know
in spite of many faults, the feelings show,
and there's a pretty phrase ..
E: the grammar stinks -
"to boldly go" I wonder what he thinks
he's playing at. Seems to me he's pretty dense.
Let's have a bit of fun at his expense.
We'll tear his work to shreds ..
M: do I detect
the need to flaunt your meagre intellect?
Lambast him now and what will you achieve?
Cheap laughs or costly enemies? Aggrieve
a fellow poet and you harm us all ..
E: You're turning soft ..
M: and proud of it. A wall
of trophies I can gladly live without.
Destruction's not what poetry's about ..
E: But satire is a well established ..
M: Fool!
Save satire for the predators who rule
by fear, or politicians for their lies,
or bully bosses rooting in their styes ..
E: Like Cecil?
M: Yes! But let the fellow be
whose only sin is in his poetry.

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