A youth choir's trip to Denmark - life between concerts.

after he won the
stay awake competition
(I made 50 hours)

Brian persevered
collapsing suddenly in
Christus factus est

a doctor yelled is
there a doctor in the house

testing his english

proclaimed Brian tired
you rehearse very long hours?
very long we said

wind down
after the concert
we knotted our handkerchiefs
wore them on our heads

croaked locus iste
in monty python voices
saw that it was good

took turns to wear
Ruth's seven inch platforms (red)
sang knock kneed chicken

and bow legged hen

wandering carlsberg ways
in unannounced joy

Ranald (no typo)
brushed his beard as bald men do
pleased to raise a laugh

later much later
he chucked his job (architect)
trained to be a clown

he led the raiding
party organised feathers
and blankets for his

willing indians we
handed and kneed hidden by
his sense of drama

Neil knew my sweet lord
had a diminished seventh
on takes so long my

and was king until
we had it sussed then he
became Neil again

my contribution
was the sudden change to A
on 'fies my soul (Cliff)

a leaderless band
status was having the chord
which felt right still does

Alec couldn't sing
so Raymond deemed him tenor
provided he didn't

he tried once (only)
in media Mozart

next year as Feste
his rain it raineth every
brought the house down

natural actors
look at the world through no
stinted spectacles

dormitories yield
rare opportunity to
observe dimensions

someone had to say
hey Brian you're well hung it
released the tension

after which no probs
unless perhaps for Angie
when push came to shove

my hat blew under
a passing pickup Brian
fetched it back improved

pebble dash
the higher voices
glistened with ambre solaire
men prefer blisters

platformed bikini'd
susan gazelled the beach chased
by a whole choir's eyes

and a wasp only
sopranos and contraltos
hoped she'd break a leg

tenors and basses
fondly anticipated
a sting in the tail

gripping unloved beer
too shy for empty hands or
saying goodnight Jim

acquired no empties
only a reputation
thanks to Ian whose

every photograph
showed him with a bottle and
an embarrassed smile

Jean stroked him towards
cider showed how he could wear
his new found mantle

Val and I devised
a way to shake hands masons
for a day we stepped

right footed rings left
knees skyward hip to hip pleased
to start a trend Neil

generous from the
sidelines pontificated
in the loud deep voice

of a non-dancer
breakfasts here are excellent
he said watching Val

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