Artists' Ballade

They tell me Michelangelo
was on his back for many a day
(in Christine's chapel, doncha know
or somewhere similar). Anyway
it seems he never got to play
though God and Adam had a ball
or two in heavenly melee
among the angels one and all.

And Leonardo - even though
his bird was famouser than Che
Guevara (who?) his lovely Mo-
na Lisa from across the Bay
of Naples, (Biscay? Chardonnay?) -
his flying machine could barely crawl
from blasphemy. There's hell to pay
among the angels one and all.

And Salvador could puff and blow
as crazy as the bloods of May
giraffed in crimson furbelow
as Gala's puppet so they say
(her lust would take your breath away
the greatest ever prankster's moll)
Now waxed moustachios hold sway
among the angels one and all.

Artists, before you all turn grey
why bang your heads against the wall?
There's easier ways to earn your stay
among the angels one and all.

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