About the Site

Welcome to Agnes's Surprise. Thank you for visiting. This site is the result of merging my two previous blogs, one general and one devoted to poetry. Here, the poems are labelled by form and the non-poems by category or subject.

About the Poems

Some of these poems appear in different locations, on-line and off. The 'official' version, if that's not too lofty a term, is always on this site, which is not to say that they are all finished. Every poem can be considered a work in progress.

Many were written to entertain friends on various on-line poetry forums. We shouldn't be serious all the time and I make no apology for intermixing a liberal helping of light verse and trivia with the more substantial offerings. It's good to raise a smile. A laugh is better still.

The Index by First Line and Index by Title include poems I am reasonably happy with. The sidebar listing, 'poems, by form' contains many more for which I make no claim beyond authorship.

A note on Copyright

The copyright of these poems remains with me. However, you are welcome to copy them, bookmark them, share them with friends, quote them, more or less anything, in fact, except edit them or mis-attribute them.

Please feel free to comment on any of the poems or blog posts, using the comment option at the foot of every page.

I hope you enjoy the site. Thanks again - Dave


Brook Thelander said...

Dave, I am an aspiring sonneteer and just found your site. Have really enjoyed some of your sonnets. Thanks.

Dave said...

Hi Brook, welcome to the site, and thanks for telling me. It's always nice to know someone is reading.